Any product needs to be up to the job if it is to be successful. aixACCT mechatronics constructs custom test rigs tailored precisely to your tasks.


We use fully automated and integrated systems to perfect ultrafine cleaning of bulk materials, creating the best conditions for surface treatment.


We automate your systems reliably, transparently and cost effectively, either partially or in full, to make your production processes run more smoothly.



aixACCT mechatronics employs a young, enthusiastic team and is part of a strong network. With outstanding expertise in plasma cleaning, testing, measurement and programming, we develop solutions tailored precisely to your needs.

Thinking further. Getting better.

As a business owner, you think about tomorrow today, preparing your company to thrive in future. You are digitalising your production processes, making them greener and improving reliability, ease of use and cost-effectiveness. You believe that there is always something that can be done better. And you are taking advantage of the opportunities offered by digitalisation and smart factories. aixACCT mechatronics is the partner you need.

  • Special expertise and experience in areas like high-level language programming
  • Clever approaches based on the reality in your business
  • Increase your level of automation all the way to fully automated systems
  • Integration into the overall process with excellent scope for expansion

Three reasons why aixACCT mechatronics
can accelerate your success.

  1. True specialists

    Whether you need test rigs, plasma cleaning or automation, we are a partner that listens, understands and develops solutions together with you. We want every project to help you move forward, from R&D to production and from cleanrooms to tough environments.
  2. A strong network

    Together with our partners aixACCT Systems and Klotz & Gangloff, we offer combined expertise in mechanical and plant engineering, metrology and programming.
  3. Transparent collaboration

    If you need an effective, reliable and well-documented solution, aixACCT mechatronics is the right partner for you. Our interdisciplinary team will quickly get a feel for the needs of your application, before working reliably, efficiently and transparently on a solution. From the initial idea to final implementation, we make the collaboration process simple.
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