Your testing processes deserve the best. aixACCT mechatronics offers hydraulic, pneumatic and fully electric test rigs, along with specially developed test rig software based on LabVIEW.



We modify existing test rig systems or develop entirely new ones so that you can master any testing tasks in your laboratory or production facility. Are your test rigs failing the test of time? No problem. We can update their mechanical, electrical and measurement systems to the state of the art.

Test rigs with the latest control technology

The control systems and software used on a test rig are vital to ensuring high-quality measurements. An ergonomic and well-structured HMI can also make them easy and reliable to use. The software is programmed to precisely meet the needs of the rig and is designed to be integrated in your company’s overall processes.

The right test rigs for your tasks

Whether you want to try out a new testing procedure or need a largely standardised drive shaft test rig, we can develop and build the right solution for you. Test rigs from aixACCT mechatronics let you measure travel, angle, force and torque even in cleanroom environments. They are always the tool of choice when you need to characterise component properties or measure aspects like wear, strength, efficiency, service life, influence of temperature and media (water, oil, gas), NVH and function.

Ergonomic test rigs designed with the future in mind

All test rigs from aixACCT mechatronics are incredibly easy to use. They prove their ergonomic quality in both everyday use and in maintenance through ease of access. Tailored to the specific application, the high-resolution measurement systems are perfect for the many different needs of laboratory processes.

aixACCT mechatronics test rigs use high-performance components, such as the servo systems. With this power reserve, coupled with a modular design and the ability to expand the electrical systems, our test rigs ensure you are best prepared for new challenges.

Keeping your test rigs fit

aixACCT mechatronics offers high-quality overhaul, repair or expansion of your existing test rigs, so that they keep delivering excellent measurement results and are fit for new challenges. Do the mechanical systems need an overhaul? Maybe the electrical, electronic or measurement systems need replacing or expansion. We can give your test rigs a full makeover. A refurbishment by aixACCT mechatronics will also update your software applications and safety systems.