Test rig software

The experts at aixACCT mechatronics have created specialist software, based on LabVIEW, that is precisely tailored to the needs of test rigs. This gives you advanced individual control and monitoring of your testing processes.

Test rig software from aixacct

aixACCT mechatronics has developed software specially designed for test rig processes. By specialising in testing, aixACCT offers a consistent interface that is perfect for your process and gives you a clear overview. Based on LabVIEW, the program can communicate with SQL databases to make integrating tests into the general processes of your business easier.

The test rig software from aixACCT mechatronics consists of a programme designer for creating test programmes offline, a convenient HMI and a reporting centre for efficiently evaluating the test processes. It therefore offers a broad range of benefits:

  • Creating test processes is easy, even offline, thanks to a modular, drag-and-drop system
  • Create loops and combine trace and block signals
  • Track testing processes
  • Automatically evaluate test results
  • Integrate internal and external evaluation routines
  • Connect to external systems like ERP

Control centre and safety PLC – secure and effective

The PLC controller used in our test rigs is designed and certified for demanding safety requirements. It delivers extremely safe, efficient and customisable handling for every aixACCT mechatronics test rig. Here are just some of the main advantages:

  • Plain text messages all the way to PLC and frequency converter level
  • Customisable user interface (HMI)
  • Adjust monitoring processes online
  • Define limit values for specific tests
  • Range of operating modes: set-up, manual, automatic or end-of-line

If necessary, a series of easily created support files allow for fast diagnosis of status faults. These files can be created by both the user and aixACCT mechatronics. They show both the current status and the history. The specialists at aixACCT mechatronics can directly access the system for fast remote maintenance.